Q. How long does it take to fulfill an order.
A. Books are usually shipped within two business days and tee shirts are shipped within 3 to 5 days. Delivery time varies depending on the type delivery method you choose.

Q. Are books and tees returnable?
A. Absolutely. For details, check out our return policy.

Q. The Mystery Ryder series contains eight books. Are you planning to add more books to the series?
A. Yes! (with an exclamation point). We plan to add two books a year to the series until we start repeating ourselves. We hope that day doesn't arrive for many years to come.

Q. Where are you located?
A. Nashville, Tennessee, AKA "Music City" (formerly AKA "The Athens of the South"). We like both nicknames.

Q. Your Own-A-Zone plan includes a second store: PositiveMessageTees.com. Why?
A. Here's how it happened: First, we wrote the Mystery Ryder series (Actually, it started as a homeschool project.). Then, we got an online store. Next, we added merchandise to the store in the form of t-shirts, most of which were designed for kids. But we quickly figured out that positive-themed apparel shouldn't be restricted to young people. So we created the Positive Message Tees store, which offers uplifting apparel to customers of all ages. And PMT also adds value for our Own-A-Zone participants.